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Speak the Truth

At Real Path we live by a simple motto - ‘speak the truth’. Sometimes speaking the truth can mean telling a fundraising team that their donors don’t care about them in the way they think. And that can be scary to hear and scary to say. But we do it anyway. We do it because we truly believe that non-profits can do more of what they do best with more donations, and that knowing the donor’s truth is what’s going to get them there.

A small example. One of the non-profits that we worked with spent a great deal of their overall effort in sending out e-newsletters, but when we spoke to donors, we learned that they weren’t reading the details and engaging the way they were expecting. All of that effort was amounting to very little in the donor’s journey with them. They had two choices - either change what was in those emails to attract them to open the emails, or abandon those emails (for a time) and focus on channels where donors wanted to be engaged. By highlighting snapshots of where donor’s money was going on their preferred channels, the organization not only had much higher engagement and connection between donors and their cause, they also shifted the heavy workload of e-newsletters into something that requires less effort.

People aren’t trying to avoid the truth, but if it’s not actively sought out, it can end up buried. This is why Real Path is so focused on drawing those little nuggets of truth from donors - to show fundraising teams what is hiding in plain sight. We want to help as many non-profits as we can succeed on their missions, by getting more dollars from donors. We do that by searching for the truth, explaining that truth in a straightforward, actionable way, and then working together to decide how best to make donor experiences that resonate.


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