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Supporters for Life.

About us.

Real Path was born from the desire to help non-profits access the benefits of a design thinking approach.

We believe you need a true understanding of your customers, supporters, donors and members to improve their experiences with your organization.


We are ‘Real’ because we deliver unparalleled insights directly from your supporters and customers (we’re talking face to face with people - over zoom, in their homes, on the street, wherever they are). We remove assumptions, tell it like it is, and don’t sugarcoat your supporter insights. 

We draw from our combined experiences in non-profit research, fundraising, experience design, digital product development and customer strategy.


We want to help you create the paths, programs, products, services and touchpoints that satisfy the real needs of your supporters and customers and create long-lasting connections between them and your organization.


How We Do It.

When Real Path sets to work, we focus on getting a holistic understanding of your supporters,  customers, members and donors -  to get to the heart of what moves them, and what helps them connect to your organization. 

We provide unrivalled supporter experience design by: 

  • Understanding who they are at the core and how your organization fits into their life

  • Conducting in-depth interviews to peel the layers back and find commonalities across your existing supporters and individuals who could be supporters 

  • Layering quantitative and qualitative data points across the full journey

  • Tapping into decades of professional experience in the non-profit and experience design sectors

  • Conducting an interactive process that combines your expertise on your organization with our expertise in supporter insights and experience strategy


 Get Real.  Get in touch.

Managing Director.


Leigh Sandison is a specialist in gaining rich qualitative insights and using those insights to design innovative, engaging experiences.

  • 10+ years of experience design across sectors including non-profit, retail, technology, digital platforms, education, media, sport, pharmaceutical, real estate and transportation.

  • 5+ years of fundraising: corporate partnerships, product development and innovation

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certified

  • Vice President, Experience Design for Ascendis Consulting, leading strategy and experience design projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, L'Oréal, Cadillac Fairview, and GORE-TEX.

Our Experts.

Our subject matter experts combine the best of non-profit experience and specific industry knowledge to help our clients achieve the latest and greatest in experience design.

They're also good people who are passionate about making things better.


Scott Sandison.

Mass Market Fundraising

WWF Canada - VP, Community Giving


Sarah Barclay.

Donor Stewardship

UBC - Director Development & Engagement


David Dougherty.

Strategy & Design

Aether Labs - President

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-10 at 11.52_edited.jpg

Andrea Chiu.


CBC - Senior Communications Officer

thomas 2_edited.jpg

Thomas Muirhead.

Non-Profit Innovation - CEO

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 9.10_edited.jpg

Shobi Sivaraj.

Annual Giving

Fellowship in Inclusion & Philanthropy - AFP Global

Britt Headshot_edited.jpg

Britt Gold.


Three - Founding Partner


Andrea Lown.

Product & eCommerce

PayPal - Innovation Manager


Hemash Bhatti.

Data Analysis

Apply Digital - Data Analytics Lead

Dianne Canzius_edited.jpg

Dianne Canzius Moira.

Change Management

Government of Ontario - Manager, Change Management


Ahmad Nassri.


Fractional - CTO


Roger D'Abreo.


Google - M&A, Finance

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