Donors for Life.

Our Services.

Accomplishing more requires more donations from more donors. Real Path offers the following services to help our partners attain their big fundraising goals:

Crowd of People

Mass Market.

Increasing lifetime value of mass market donors 

Helping partner organizations understand their mass market donor journey to define and execute changes that increase engagement and lifetime value.


Mid Level.

Developing strategic journeys for mid value donors

Creating a smooth transition between mass and mid level giving, and developing pathways to continue to engage mid-level donors to engage more deeply with the organization.

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New  Markets.

Creating new fundraising revenue streams 

Providing those organizations without an existing fundraising arm (mass, mid-level, target market, etc), the knowledge and execution strategy to create a new donor journey.


Corporate Partners.

Creating engagement strategies for corporates and their employees

Helping non-profit organizations and their corporate partners develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships between corporates, organizations and employees.

Like what you see but not sure your specific project fits into our service offering? 

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