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Withstanding the dreaded 3 month monthly donor drop off

A quick update on our alumni monthly donor project - it’s all well and good to say that Real Path increased recurring revenue by 625% in a four week period - but how does that number look now - after the dreaded 3 month monthly donor drop off? We had a 3% attrition rate over the 6 month period since we started. In the non-profit world, this is very low.

The reason our donors stayed on with us is partly because we did a great job in recruiting donors who really care, and partly because we continue to engage them how they want, in the channels they want. In fact, we have recently surpassed the other 16 alumni athlete programs (those that have monthly donor programs) in terms of total number of monthly donors, and have over 20% of the total monthly donor base (compared to only 3% when we started).

To put a little cherry on top, the program recently had the single largest donation in its history - a whopping $75k (a far cry from the $5k top donation previously received) - from an alum who had never donated at a significant level in the past. Just a gentle reminder that we need to actively pursue mass market donors, and create low barriers to entry, because we never know how conversations transpire between donors, and who will come up the funnel to become a major donor.


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