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Mass market as a funnel for all engagement

As we continue to have more and more discussions with non-profits large and small, we see a growing interest in organizations pursuing mass market as a branch of fundraising.

For some organizations, this isn’t possible or pragmatic, but for many the start of a mass market fundraising strategy represents a huge potential in income. Not only in those dollars that are realized in years one and two, but in the long-term play of creating a bigger donor base. Some of those donors will go on to become mid-level donors, high-level donors and legacy donors. Some will volunteer, some will host fundraising events, some will run a marathon with your organization’s name on the back, and some might even sit on your board.

This is why the count of total donors, so often overlooked in favour of this year’s revenue total, is so important. The potential within a large donor base, especially when paired with thoughtful experience design, is hard to match.

Deciding to actively pursue mass market is a big decision, and many considerations are needed to get going. To us at Real Path, one of the biggest considerations is ensuring that there is a plan in place to execute an effective donor journey - from making the ask, to thanking donors, to keeping them abreast of what’s happening with the organization and their impact, to asking them again.

Due to the many, many digital platforms specifically designed to help organizations manage their communications with donors, starting a mass market pursuit now is easier than ever, and with thoughtful donor journey mapping, the outlay of effort can quickly move from red to black.

If you’re thinking about starting a mass market fundraising program, contact Real Path to get a 30 minute free consultation on how to get started.


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