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Assumptions start the journey

Assumptions can feel uncomfortable for researchers. We want facts and data. But to get to the facts and data, we need to ask the right questions, and to ask the right questions we need to start somewhere. That’s where assumptions come in. Assumptions are good because they help us understand what we’re currently using to make decisions and where we think we might know something but we aren’t completely sure.

At Real Path, we encourage you to think about the assumptions you’re making about your supporters, customers, donors, users and your own workforce to make decisions. Some of these assumptions will invariably be spot on, others may be dated or simply incorrect. That’s where deep, qualitative discussions with individuals come in. This is what we need to confirm or refute assumptions and to scratch much deeper than the surface on the ‘why’.

Take the first step - write down the assumptions you and your team are making about your supporters - then make a plan to find out if they are correct!


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