Donors for Life.

Welcome to Real Path.

We believe non-profits are experts in life-changing work, and that we can help them do more of that work by understanding their donors better.


We deliver immediately actionable, insight-driven recommendations that increase donor engagement.


Get Real.

76% of donors don't give past the first year.

It's a never ending cycle of spending time and money to find donors to replace the ones you're losing. 

Unlock your understanding of your donor experience to maximize fundraising efforts and donor lifetime value.

Put your donors at the heart of your fundraising strategy - really.


Increase donations and improve donor retention.

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Increased Donations

Increase the value and frequency of donations by providing a holistic donor experience rooted in insight.


Deep Understanding

Uncover rich insights to understand key moments and decisions in the donor’s journey with you. 


Increased Engagement

Increase overall engagement by providing products and touchpoints donors love.


Improved Loyalty

Increase long-term donor motivation and advocacy driven by greater emotional connection.


High Impact Effort

Focus energies on the most impactful strategies and tactics, and the tools and teams needed to make it happen.


United Organization

Rally internal teams around typically distinct priorities to meet donor needs in an unbiased way.

Actionable Experience Design.

When Real Path sets to work, we focus on getting a holistic understanding of your donors - we combine quantitative analysis with in-depth donor discussions to get to the heart of what moves supporters, and what helps them connect to your organization. 


Emotional connection deeply inspires greater giving; the more your organization can gain a piece of their heart, the greater their lifetime value will be. But understanding your donors is only the first step. 


Understand your donors, address your constraints, and get a plan that you can implement immediately. 

 Get Real.  Get in touch.


Optimize Donor Experience.  Increase Lifetime Value.